Ultrafine Grained Materials-The Sixth International Symposium will be held as part of the 2010 TMS Spring Meeting, February 14-18, 2009, Seattle, USA.

Suveen N. Mathaudhu, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Mathias Goeken, University Erlangen--Nürnberg
Terence G. Langdon, University of Southern California
Terry C. Lowe, Manhattan Scientifics, Inc.
S. Lee Semiatin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Nobuhiro Tsuji, Kyoto University
Yonghao Zhao, University of California - Davis
Yuntian Zhu, North Carolina State University

Abstracts Deadline July 15, 2009
Paper Deadline Feb. 14, 2010

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This is the sixth international symposium that focuses on all aspects of science and technology of ultrafine grained (UFG) and nanocrystalline materials. It proves a forum on the topics of fabrication of UFG and nanocrystalline materials including conventional and emerging technologies and advancements, fundamental issues in severe plastic deformation (SPD) processing and SPD-processed materials, UFG and nanocrystalline microstructure evolution, mechanical and physical properties, deformation mechanisms, superplasticity, joining and bonding, computational and analytical modeling, structural and functional applications, etc. Invited speakers having agreed to present include Enrique Lavernia, Julia Weertman, Amiya Mukherjee, Ke Lu, Carl Koch, Farghalli Mohamed, Michael Kassner, Ruslan Valiev, Yuri Estrin and many others.

The sessions will consist of invited oral presentations and standard oral presentations. Presenters selected for the poster session will be given the opportunity to present five-minute oral summaries of their posters during the symposia.

A panel discussion is planned at the end of the symposium.

UFG VI will be hosting a Young Scientist Session for students or post-docs within three years of their Ph.D. There will be up to two Gold Medals and three Silver Medals for best oral presentation. Awards will also be given for best poster (one Gold Medal and two Silver Medals). The awards will be decided by a committee which includes the symposium organizers and invited speakers. Each medalist will receive a certificate. NOTE: If you would like to be considered for the Young Scientist Session, please indicate this on your submitted Abstract.